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Business Development Manager - 10

Telecallers - 50 (Female)

Accountants - 16

Area Manager - 10

Web Marketing Executive - 10 (should be experienced in SEO)

Transport Manager - 10

Sales Manager / Executive - 16

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NON STOP COURIER AND CARGO PVT LTD South Asia`s leading courier and integrated air express packagedistribution company with dedicated aviation services. We have the most extensive domestic network covering over 25,498 locations, and service more than 220 countries and territories worldwide through our Sales alliance with BEAT, the premier global brand name in the express distribution services.

Amongst the key factors that have contributed to our leadership position are our strategic network and infrastructure, our development and widespread application of Technology in our processes, our consistent and high service quality, Customer Service. However, the most vital element in our success is our people, our most valued asset. All our achievements have been possible because we have a team who believes in themselves and their company, a team with a winning attitude.

We invite you to be part of our family of learners and achievers. The differentiation we seek in our new recruits that sets them apart from the rest, are passion and enthusiasm for work, service quality and customer care. Our customer is the focus of all our activities and the most important constituent of our business. We expect all our people to `go the extra mile` for our customer.

Growth Opportunities

We are a learning organization and encourage development of knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable our people to perform to their full potential. We have developed a corporate-wide training programme to bring learning to the work place through the use of in-house, qualified trainers and the intranet. Individual training needs are identified, training objectives are set, the appropriate module implemented and, finally, the effectiveness of the training is analysed and evaluated through the training MIS. The objective of the training is to build competencies to respond to the dynamic business environment, and to build leadership. Most of our managers have risen from the ranks.


Our high-performers are well rewarded. We have exciting sales incentive schemes for our sales force, and our Bravo Blue Darter Award for outstanding performance and resourcefulness in the day-to-day processes.

Employee Satisfaction

We have instituted an annual ESS (Employee Satisfaction Survey) programme to assess employee satisfaction levels across various functions and units. Satisfaction levels with dimensions such as Immediate Leadership, Corporate Leadership, Organizational Identification, Work-Group Co-operation and Job Conditions are analysed, and action taken to induce continuous improvement in these areas through employee involvement. We also have a Guaranteed Fair Treatment Policy to ensure that employee grievances are addressed, if unresolved, at the highest management levels of the organization.

Our Guiding Principles

We will treat each other fairly and with respect and dignity.
We will encourage freedom in communication of thoughts and ideas in all our interactions.
We value integrity and we will be uncompromising in upholding it at all times.
We will ensure that our People First philosophy serves as a driving force behind the success of our organization.
We will encourage and inculcate in all a winning attitude.
We will encourage learning, self-development and building effective leadership.
We will provide a work place where each and every employee is nurtured and who, in turn, will nurture the organization, thereby creating wealth for stakeholders.
We will expect our people to be accountable for all their actions related to the company.
We will drive the First Time Right concept to achieve 100% Quality and Customer satisfaction.
We will encourage passion and enthusiasm for Work, Service Quality and Customer Care.
We will project a positive, caring and professional image of ourselves and our services at all times.
We will avoid waste by being conscious of the impact of all our actions on the environment.
We will continue to be a law-abiding, apolitical and secular company